Lakshy Initiates ISO 17025 Consulting project with China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd.

China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd contacted Lakshy Management Consultants with their expertise in ISO 17025 to implement the Laboratory Management system so as to improve their performance and exceed customer expectation so as to further improve the Quality of their work. Lakshy Management will assist in the following system implementation to complete the project which will cover awareness tra... »

Lakshy Initiates ISO 9001 Consulting project with Qasioon Trailers Industries FZE, Sharjah, UAE,

Qasioon Trailers Industries FZE is in the business of design and Manufacture of Trailers. Qasioon Trailers Industries FZE works to satisfy it customers in the Arabian markets by providing quality services in the field of design, manufacturing and maintenance for tankers and trailers. With a view to better their organisation by setting up a Quality Management System, they contacted Lakshy Managemen... »

What is ISO 17025 NABL accreditation?

NABL stands for National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories. NABL accreditation is a formal recognition of the technical competence of a testing, calibration or medical laboratory. NABL has been established with the objective to provide Government, Industry Associations and Industry in general with a scheme for third-party assessment of the quality and technical competenc... »

select the most appropriate ISO certification consultant for your to select ISO consultant

Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. as a worldwide leading, responsible and customer centric ISO certification consulting organization, has initiated a drive to educate companies wanting to implement and achieve ISO certification on how they should select a consulting company, what to look for in an ideal ISO consulting company, what to expect from an ISO certification consulting company and re... »

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