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ISO 27001:2013

Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest and leading ISO 27001 consultants in India. We are transnational ISO certification consultants with clients in India, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Russia etc. We provide quick, result oriented and easy to implement consultation and training for ISO 27001 certification.

We have been associated with organizations across the world for their ISO 27001 certification project. Whether you are a small organization or a multinational corporate, our proven consultation solutions will ensure that you implement ISO 27001 standard in the most effective manner with timely project completion.

ISO 27001 information security management system implementation with the consultants and experts of Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. not only assures 100% successful ISO 27001 certification but also improves process performance and business operations.

Consultants of our organization assist your company in your information security management system context through ISO 27001 certification to get your company ISO 27001 certified quickly with the ease of implementation and in the most cost effective manner. We make sure that ISO 27001 standard implementation does not just become a documentation activity but also a way of life for the organization that lays a foundation for Total information security Management and information security conscious organizational culture.

We offer onsite and online consultation solutions for ISO 27001 certification. Our customers have been utilizing our services not only for initial certification consultation but also for post certification consultation to ensure that our consultants regularly add value to the business processes of our customers and their process & quality standardization initiatives.

Our ISO 27001 certificate consultation services include awareness training, information security policy - objectives workshop, gap analysis, documentation design including manuals, procedures, work instructions, formats etc., implementation assistance & training, internal auditor training, lead auditor training, assistance in conducting internal audit, pre-assessment audit and everything required to ensure a 100% successful ISO 27001 certification audit within scheduled project completion time period.

Biggest benefit an organization gets out of ISO 27001 is improvement in business process control through process standardization. No matter what benefits you are looking for from ISO 27001 certification, we will make sure that your organization benefits from ISO 27001 implementation and certification.

Information Security Management System

Achieve ISO 27001 ISMS compliance or certification

In today’s business environment, information is the lifeblood for any organization. Increasingly, organizations and their information systems are exposed to security threats from a wide range of sources, including computer assisted fraud, espionage, sabotage, vandalism, fire or flood. Computer viruses, hacking and denial of service attacks have become more common and increasingly sophisticated.

Achieving ISO 27001 significantly minimizes the risk and mitigates the organization against internal human error or misdemeanor.

Successful ISMS compliance and certification requires a methodical approach, careful consideration of scope and a thorough understanding of your information security needs. As one of the pioneers in ISO27001 consultation in India, backed by a team of consultants having sound knowledge and experience of business management systems, Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. is well placed to advise you on the steps required to ensure that your information security practices conform to those identified in the Standard.

What is information security?

Information security is the protection of information to ensure:

  1. Confidentiality: ensuring that the information is accessible only to those authorized to access it.
  2. Integrity: ensuring that the information is accurate and complete and that it is not modified without authorization.
  3. Availability: ensuring that the information is accessible to authorized users when required. Information security is achieved by applying a suitable set of controls (policies, processes, procedures, organizational structures, and software and hardware functions).

What is an ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Management System (ISMS)?

An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a management system based on a systematic business risk approach, to establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain, and improve information security. It is an organizational approach to establishing information security. ISO/IEC 27001 (BS 7799) is a standard for information security that focuses on an organization’s ISMS.

Why Select Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. as your ISO 27001:2005 ISMS Consultation Partner?

We have a strong team of experts having huge international experience and exposure in ISO 27001:2005 ISMS consultation, implementation and training.

Consultants at Lakshy are technical and management graduates/post graduates, ISO 9000 Lead Auditors and ISO 27001 Lead Auditors. With diversified knowledgebase, we can provide highly optimal solutions to your information security management system requirements.

Our consultants have extensive invaluable hands-on experience of working under various roles and capacities in IT industry. They offer practical and pragmatic solutions.

Achieving ISO 27001 with Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd.

Lakshy offers expert consultation services for effective implementation of ISO27001.

Project Scoping: Properly scoping an ISO27001 project is an essential first step in any compliance initiative. Our consultants help you identify the business processes critical to your organization which could be best targeted for initial compliance to the world-wide recognized Standard.

Gaps Identification: Gap analysis is the next step where our consultants develop a comprehensive report identifying the work required to become compliant, as well as an action plan that includes prioritized actions for security improvement.

Risk Assessment: Risk assessment is a mandatory component of ISO27001 and we’ll help you analyze the levels of information security risk inherent to your business processes. Assessments can be performed.

Process Improvement: Our consultants provide whatever level of support you need to implement the required security improvements and are able to suggest practical solutions in each of the different areas of the Standard.

Preparing for Certification: Our consultants will explain both the benefits and the relatively minor, additional costs involved in certification. Lakshy can prepare you for certification and help you implement any final changes necessary to your ISMS. Finally, we can assist during the audit process itself by dealing with a certification body on your behalf and addressing any audit observations that arise.

Steps for implementing ISO 27001 :2005

  1. Define an information security policy.
  2. Define scope of the information security management system.
  3. Perform a security risk assessment.
  4. Manage the identified risk.
  5. Select controls to be implemented and applied.
  6. Prepare an SoA ("statement of applicability").

Why ISO 27001 ?


This is a general benefit of standardization. The idea is that systems from diverse parties are more likely to fit together if they follow a common guideline.

Assurance and Information Management

Management can be assured of the quality of a system, business unit, or other entity if a recognized framework or approach is followed.

Due Diligence

International standard is often used by management to demonstrate due diligence.

Bench Marking

Organizations often use a standard as a measure of their status within their peer community. It can be used as a bench mark for current position and progress.


Implementation of a standard such as ISO 27001 can often result in greater security awareness within an organization.


Because implementation of ISO 27001 (and the other ISO 27000 standards) tends to involve both the business management and technical staff, IT and Business alignment are improved.

What do we offer for ISO 27001 Certification for your organization?

With a team of highly qualified consultants and trainers having vast industrial experience, Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. assists organizations across the world to implement and achieve ISO 27001 certification. Our consultation approach is highly professional, time bound and effective resulting in ease of implementation and adds value to the business processes of the client’s organization.

We offer ISO 27001 training, implementation, consultation, gap analysis, documentation, internal audits, pre-assessment audits, certification audit through best of the certification bodies and post certification enhancement / maintenance services to enable your organization to get the best out of ISO 27001 management system. Our services are globally accepted, authoritative and benchmarked in the field of ISO 27001 :

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