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MyEasyISO is a Cloud Computing software designed in such a way to compliance with all requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000 and HACCP . ISO certification needs total devotion, dedication and participation of each member in the organization. Since sometimes employee perceive this as “over and above” the regular job responsibilities, you need the motivation to carry out the task. You need to remove the barrier in thinking which says “ This work is for my regular business” and “this work is for ISO”. Our software believes that ISO is not different that your business but it is a better way to manage your business.

MyEasyISO emerges as an effective implementer offering a set of state-of-the-art and robust software solutions that make the majority of activities automated, and you achieve high efficiency and speed in the implementation of ISO certification. The software modules developed by us are user-friendly, flexible and adaptable. They can be customized as per your organizational needs if required.

Our effective and user-friendly ISO implementation software makes the process of ISO implementation and maintenance pretty simple. MyEasyISO enables you to attain high levels of process excellence by providing a suite of QHSE modules prepared with global benchmarks. We are there at every step with carefully designed modules that make the complex process as easy as ABC. MyEasyISO not only understands your pain points but offers effective solutions of overcoming them and transforming your team into a winning force.

What we offer our Clients:

Lakshy consultant management PVT LTD are offering life time free subscription to this cloud computing software for our clients.
This will help the industry to automate their system in proper manner while helps you in Quick Implementation and Quick Certification.

Benefits of MyEasyISO:

1. Compliance : Our software solutions are the one-stop solution for ISO certification that goes over and above ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 HACCP and ISO 22000 implementation requirements. We help in achieving the compliance with utmost ease by automating the processes. Our modules have all necessary features that not only make the process simple but make you fully compliant with the corresponding ISO Standard. We bring success in the first attempt by providing robust and up to the mark software support.

2. Make the process paperless : When you achieve ISO in a paperless manner, it means you achieve it efficiently and with zero error. Forget about cumbersome excel sheets and loads of Word documents printed and stacked in the cabinets or stored in server / computers. Transform your organization into a smart, new-age company with real-time, online access to every bit of the data related to ISO implementation. Our software makes all your core processes hassle free and fast by offering workflow based systems for approvals. Email alert, notification and automate escalation are the main features.

3. User-friendliness : It is critically important that the ISO implementation software is easy to use and highly user-friendly. When you compare our products with others, you will find a distinctive difference. Software modules offered by us are superior and better than others. Since our ISO experts, domain experts and software developers keep in the mind you and your ISO requirements while conceptualizing the modules, we come out with amazingly user-friendly software solutions. Automated links, easy to navigate screens and catchy designs are our distinguishing aspects.

4. Robustness : We believe that robustness, style, and easiness go hand in hand. Therefore, we do not forget the two other aspects while designing easy solutions. We take care of each process involved in the compliance activity and incorporate it into the software to make it complete. What you get is a robust, fully-functional paperless modular ISO software that saves a lot of time and recourses in the certification process. 1 user or 1000 or users, our system servers all with equal ease and speed. It grows with your business growth. Hosted with Microsoft Azure platform, MyEasyISO offers unparalleled security, availability, integrality and robustness.

Main Features incorporated in MyEasyISO:

  1. User Friendly design
  2. Highly Adaptive System
  3. Start using software in less than 10 mins
  4. Automatic change control Attributes
  5. Audit Management
  6. HR and Training Management
  7. Purchase Module
  8. Business development
  9. Preventive Maintenance
  10. Non Conformance Module
  11. Internal Audit
  12. Management Review
  13. Calibration Control
  14. Risk Management
  15. Measurement and Monitoring
  16. Process Module

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