Lakshy Initiates ISO 9001 Consulting project with Civil Service Commission (CSC) of Maldives, Maldives.

Lakshy Initiates ISO 9001 Consulting project with Civil Service Commission (CSC) of Maldives, Maldives.
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Civil Service Commission is an independent institute formed by an Act of Parliament in 2007 which consists of five members elected by the Parliament and appointed by the President.

The general functions as laid down by the Civil Service Act gives the CSC responsibility for appointment, dismissal and transfer of civil servants, determining and enforcing salaries and benefits, and broadly, the modernization and professionalization of the civil service through a Code of Conduct, training and innovation.

They are committed to Create a Conducive Environment & Positive Work Culture for Change, to Deliver Timely & High Value Customer Services to our Clients, Citizens, Businesses and International Community

To bring their systems in line they have contacted Lakshy Management Consultants with their expertise in ISO 9001 to implement the Quality Management system so as to improve their performance, quality and exceed customer expectation so as to further improve the Quality of their work.

Lakshy Management Consultant is a global management consulting firm specializing in customized and result-oriented solutions to help organizations implement change and improve business performance. As each organization has its own unique needs and goals at different stages of its business life cycle, we design our solutions that are effective and tailored to each organizations specific needs. We specialize in the entire range of ISO management system certification standards

Lakshy Management will assist in the following system implementation to complete the project which will cover awareness training, gap analysis, Risk Analysis, documentation workshop, implementation assistance, internal audit, pre-assessment audit and facilitation during final certification audit.

We offer onsite consulting solutions and online consulting solutions for ISO 17025 certification. Our customers have been utilizing our services not only for initial certification consulting but also post certification consulting to ensure that our consultants regularly add value to the business processes of our customers and their process & quality standardization initiatives.

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