Environment management System

Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. – A Socially Responsible Organization

Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. assists small scale industries for ISO 9001:2008 certification. The Small Scale Industrial units located in India can avail the Government of India’s scheme that grants Rs. 75,000 or 75% of total expenditure of ISO 9000, whichever is minimum, as subsidy for implementation and certification of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. In addition to Gover... »

Deming’s Circle – Continual Improvement

Deming’s Circle – Continual Improvement ISO 14001 is based on methodology known as PDCA. W. Edwards Deming is known for his introduction of statistical quality control in the military and Japanese industries. His model was initially derived for quality control, quality assurance and continual improvement. The Circle or wheel applies to all areas where continual improvement is required. Demingâ... »

Implementing ISO 14001 – Key Elements

Implementing ISO 14001 – Key Elements Environmental Aspects A procedure is required to identify the environmental aspects of the organization’s activities, products and services within the scope of the EMS that it can control and those it can influence. Aspects include technical concerns such as potential process, storage, transfer, transportation, utilities, and product impacts. Aspects a... »

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