Deming’s Circle – Continual Improvement

Deming’s Circle – Continual Improvement
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Deming’s Circle – Continual Improvement

ISO 14001 is based on methodology known as PDCA. W. Edwards Deming is known for his introduction of statistical quality control in the military and Japanese industries. His model was initially derived for quality control, quality assurance and continual improvement.

The Circle or wheel applies to all areas where continual improvement is required.

Deming’s circle describes four activities (PDCA):

Plan –
Establish goals, standardize working processes and train employees to deliver results in accordance with organization’s environmental policy.
Do –
Carry out the work according to the plan.
Check –
Verify compliance with environmental policy, goals, legal and other requirements and report the results.
Act –
Take actions to continually improve performance of the EMS.

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