How to prepare quality objectives for ISO 9001 certificateion

How to prepare quality objectives for ISO 9001 certificateion
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Quality objectives are very important part of the entire ISO 9001 certification process. The organization needs to prepare a quality policy. this quality policy is like long term goal / vision / mission of the organization. In order to reach there, the organization needs to show improvement in it’s various processes or departments.

So first thing you need to do is identify departments or processes in the organization. Then for each of the processes ask a simple question…”What all needs improvement in this process..?” you will get a lot of answers. For all these answers then analyse whether you can put any timeframe and put a measurable criteria for them..if you can then they qualify for a valid quality objective.

So any quality objective you finalize, needs to be Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic & Time bound. Most important is the objective you finalize needs to be measureable and timebound. Because in Quality language, if you can not measure something, you can never improve it.

Once you finalize quality objectives, circulate it within your department and take everybody’s go ahead for this objective. Once ok from all, share it with MR and top management.

After objective has been established with due approvals from the respective authorities, you need to have objective acievement plan for each of the objectives and then you need to regularly track the objectives.

The objectives needs to be discussed in each of the management review meetings with supporting data and can be changed, revised or amended any point of time depending on circumstances.

For me, Quality objectives are the most important tool that an organization can have to create an organization wherein all the employees are working with a clear goal.

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