Roshan Telecom – Customer Care Division gets ISO 9001 certified with Lakshy

Roshan Telecom – Customer Care Division gets ISO 9001 certified with Lakshy
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Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt Ltd announces successful completion of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certification project for customer care division of the Telecom Development Company Afghanistan Ltd – Roshan Telecom.

Customer Care Division – Roshan Telecom is one of the few captive telecom company call centers in the world that has been certified to the highest level of quality management system standard – ISO 9001 during the certification audit concluded today.

The process started with management of the Telecom Development Company Afghanistan Ltd – Roshan Telecom deciding to implement process standardization & quality management system in the customer care division of Roshan Telecom. They identified Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd. – one of the largest and well known management consulting companies in the field of ISO certification. Project consultant Mr. Kaushal Sutaria – Senior Manager from Lakshy Management consultant Pvt. ltd. worked closely with the customer care division team headed by Mr.WojciechPloski – Chief Customer Officer and managed by Ms.Iole Yolanda Ocampo – Customer Care Director who was also identified as Management Representative for the ISO 9001 implementation process for Roshan Customer Care.

Initially awareness training was conducted by the consultant to impart basic knowledge and input to key people of the organization. After this managers from various processes were identified as process owners who represented respective processes / departments for the ISO implementation.

A series of ISO 9001 awareness training sessions were conducted by Lakshy Management Consultant Pvt Ltd covering almost all the employees of the call center to ensure that a strong start of the ISO 9001 project is achieved by bringing everybody on the same platform in terms of their understanding on ISO 9001 and importance of the standard.

A detailed gap analysis was carried out by the consultant and on the basis of gap analysis report, required tasks were completed that included preparation of quality manual, functional processes, SOPs, work instructions, guide lines and functional formats. These were formally issued to all the users by the management representative – Ms.Iole Yolanda Ocampo.

A couple of implementation review visits by Lakshy proved to be very effective in terms of assessing effectiveness of the implementation and identification of the actions necessary to achieve the desired level of compliance against ISO 9001 standard. The implementation reviews were mainly carried with the management representative, Ms. Iole Yolanda Ocampo and her team of process owners consisting of Ajay Raj, Karimdad Alimee, Jawed Alizada, Gulghuncha Safari, Tajuddin Akbary and Mohammad Haroon Mohsini.

A rigorous internal audit was carried out by the ISO consulting partner of Roshan Call Center, Lakshy. On the basis of an action plan, all the audit findings were closed in 15 days time with verification of the effectiveness of the corrective actions. All the observations and findings were discussed in the MRM – Management Review Meeting that discussed various parameters like quality objectives, customer satisfaction, customer complaint, process performance, service performance, non-conformity, corrective actions, preventive actions etc.

After this a pre-assessment audit was done to assess organization’s preparedness for the final certification audit and on the basis of positive out come of the pre-assessment audit, it was decided to do the final certification audit.

UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certification agency BMTRADA concluded the audit on July 19, 2011 after a detailed, in depth and rigorous assessment of the QMS of Roshan Call Center against ISO 9001 standard, existing documentation and processes of the call center. The audit was concluded successfully and the organization was recommended by the ISO lead auditor for ISO 9001 certification.

The certification body auditor Mr.Sumit Joshi was impressed with the documented system and level of implementation. He said in his closing meeting that he appreciates the attention to the minute details in the documentation and also adherence to the documented system. He was particularly very impressed with sound feedback mechanism and process measurement.

Ms.Iole Yolanda Ocampo said in his interaction with the ISO auditor Mr.Joshiand ISO Consultant Mr. Kaushal that she and her team are always open to process improvement and firmly believe in providing the highest level of customer care services to the customers of Roshan Telecom.

In the closing meeting Ms.Iole Yolanda Ocampo thanked all the employees for their participation in the process to make the ISO 9001 certification a grand success for Roshan Customer Care. She also thanked consultant Mr. Kaushal Sutaria for his professional approach, committment and support provided in the entire process.

Finally Mr. Kaushal Sutaria congratulated the management of the Telecom Development Company Afghanistan Ltd – Roshan Telecom all the employees for the success and commitment shown during process. He said that he and his organization will be glad to offer any kind of future assistance required by Roshan Customer Care for continual improvement of the quality management system and ensuring that this ISO 9001 certification becomes “start of a journey towards becoming an organization with sustainable competitive advantage wherein Roshan Customer Care will compare with the best of the customer care organizations not only in Afghanistan but in the world.

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