Benefits of ISO 17025 accreditation

Benefits of ISO 17025 accreditation
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1) International Recognition– The main advantages is that your laboratory will gain
international recognition for its commitment to quality, competency and reliable results. Tested products would be almost eligible for international recognition; this would also eliminate the need for dual testing in different countries

2) Sound Management System– By becoming accredited, you can look forward to an efficient management system, improved calibration or testing, fewer customer complaints and a strong competitive edge.

3) Technically Competent– More confident about results as laboratories accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 are technically competent and able to generate valid results at an acceptable level, and to appropriate standards

4) Increased Accuracy- ISO/IEC 17025 is an ideal management system model for laboratories because it aims to control quality costs, improve measurement accuracy and guarantee consistency of results. It is also customer-driven. When implemented correctly, the elements of ISO/IEC 17025 work meticulously together to ensure that required quality levels are met and that customers’ needs are satisfied. This can be a powerful strategic tool.

5) Cost Savings- Saving cost and time through getting accurate results, where no need to repeat the test or lose the project due to invalid results; and through the elimination of the need for shipping and testing at accredited laboratories in different countries.

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