240311 – Risk Management

240311 – Risk Management
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LAKSHY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT PVT LTD, a leading international provider of risk management and quality certification consulting services, briefed on what they believe are the main benefits of effective supply chain risk management.

LAKSHY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT PVT LTD is an independent provider of consulting, training, implementation and certification to ISO management standards, which can help create competency within a company and ensure they are performing to industry recognised standards. LAKSHY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT PVT LTD will ultimately assess, identify and advise a company on the best course of action to ensure they minimise and eliminate risks within their organisation.

Food safety is an essential aspect of a supply chain, as consumers are becoming increasingly interested in the sources of the ingredients in products. LAKSHY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT PVT LTD believe that it is vital an organisation manages risk in this area effectively to build a good brand reputation by using sustainable operations. LAKSHY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT PVT LTD can help an organisation improve their operations so they can function efficiently in a safe and responsible environment.

Kaushal Sutaria of LAKSHY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT PVT LTD said: ”Here at LAKSHY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT PVT LTD we understand the importance of efficiency in food and beverage chains, which is why we provide supply chain risk management which can address any risks within an organisations and offer ways to address them in a sustainable manner. Our services will ultimately allow our clients to be compliant with the latest food safety regulations. By hiring our services, an organisation can obtain an ISO 22000 certificate which can create consumer confidence in their brand.”

For more information on LAKSHY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT PVT LTD and their IS0 22000 certification services, visit their website at http://www.lakshy.com or www.iso-consultants.com email at info@lakshy.comor telephone +91 22 40243139

About Lakshy:
LAKSHY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT PVT LTD partners with organizations across the world with an aim to safeguard life, property and the environment. They specialise in identifying and assessing risks, and have advised on risk management for a vast range of international high-profile projects. With over operations in over 40 countries, LAKSHY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT PVT LTD has a dedicated risk management specialists to help you implement food safety management system and achieve ISO 22000 certification.

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