ISO 17025 certification steps

ISO 17025 certification steps
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  • Executive Overview Training for ISO 17025
  • Gap Assessment to ISO 17025
  • Project Planning, Scheduling, & Management
  • Worker Training
  • Generic Templates for Policies, Procedures, Process Maps, and Documentation Systems
  • Statistical Data Analysis of 7 Characteristics of a Metrology Systems
    • Repeatability
    • Reproducibility
    • Linearity
    • Bias
    • Hysteresis
    • Accuracy
    • Granularity (Resolution)
  • Calibration Models & DOE on Measurement System Capabilities
  • Inter-Lab Calibrations
  • Reducing measurement system sensitivity to Operator, Environmental, Common cause, and Special Causes
  • Developing Customized tests and measurement criteria.
  • Process Auditing
  • Error Reduction Investigations & Program Implementations
  • Management Reviews for Accountability, Cost Reduction, and Independent (Third Party) Verification
  • Dress rehearsal audit prior to official registration accreditation audit

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