Effective operations control as per clause 4.4.6 for ISO 14001

Effective operations control as per clause 4.4.6 for ISO 14001
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Effective operations control as per clause 4.4.6 for ISO 14001

Operation Controls are indentified for those activities give rise to significant environmental aspects. Opportunities to apply operational controls can be found by reviewing operations. Once an activity is indentified control measures in the form of work instruction or operating procedures are to be indentified for proper method of carrying out the activity.

The Operational / Functional Head prepare methodology for proper procedure for carrying out the work activities.

This methodology involves indentifying the responsibility of the person involved in carrying out the said operations, the necessary inputs required for proper execution of the operation and continuous monitoring that the operation are carried out properly.

Operational control procedures are maintained to ensure adequate control of this facility’s activities, products and services. A concerted effort is made to avoid duplication, and to keep these documents simple, user-friendly, and as effective as possible.

Operational control procedures contain appropriate change controls to ensure continued, safe, and compliant operation of this facility’s activities, products and services.

Relevant operational control procedures are communicated to suppliers and contractors as appropriate for the purpose of controlling potential significant environmental impacts.

Operational Control Procedures developed by any facility may include, but are not limited to

  • Operating criteria that covers normal and abnormal operating conditions e.g. proper handling, control, storage, disposal, recycling, emergency shut down and response procedures.
  • Safety measures to take in case of emergency.
  • Equipment and conditions adequately specified and controlled, including any special safety and environmental requirements.
  • Suitable maintenance of equipment to ensure continuing process capability and regulatory compliance.

These Operational Control Procedures are to be communicated to all the employees of the organisation and training should be provided for implementation of the control procedures. They are also to be communicated to suppliers and contractors.

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