How to implement ISO 14001:2004 EMS

How to implement ISO 14001:2004 EMS
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Implementation of ISO 14001 is a cyclical process as described below:

Step 1: Environmental Policy

The first step required to install EMS is development of a comprehensive environmental policy. The environmental policy spells out the requirements to be met under this policy via objectives, targets, and environmental programs.

Three key commitments are required under this component:

First, a commitment to compliance with relevant environmental laws and regulations.
Second, a commitment to prevention of pollution.
Third, a commitment to “continual improvement” of the Environmental Management System.

Step 2: Environmental Planning

The second step is to prepare an environmental planning process to operationalize the policy. The analysis of environmental aspects of the organization including its processes, products and
services as well as the goods and services used by the organization. Following activities are required during the planning phase.

Activity 1: Identification of all environmental “aspects”associated with activities, products and services that could have significant impacts on the environment, which includes

Waste generation;
Use of natural resources;
Energy use;
Water use;
Wastewater discharges;
Air emissions; and
Product disposal.

Activity 2: Identification of applicable legal requirements (local environmental laws)

Activity 3: Identification of key objectives and targets

Activity4: Establishment of environmental management program

Step 3: Implementation and Operation

The third step in the process is the policy implementation and operation. Implementation and organization of processes to control and improve operational activities that is critical from environmental perspective (including both products and services of an organization). Following activities are performed during the implementation phase of EMS:

Review of Structure and responsibility;
Management must provide necessary financial/ personnel resources;
Training, awareness and competence;
Environmental Management Systems documentation;
Document control;
Operational control; and
Emergency preparedness and response.

Step 4: Evaluation and Corrective Measures

The fourth step in the process is the checking and implementation of the corrective action when needed. Checking and corrective action including monitoring, measurement, and recording of characteristics and activities that can have significant impact on the environment are:

• Monitoring and Measurement

• Record Maintenance – To demonstrate conformance with ISO 14001 standard, Procedures for identifying and maintaining evaluation and corrective action record and

• Environmental Management Systems Audit – Conduct periodic EMS compliance audits

Step 5: Management Review

The fifth step in the process is management review which feeds back to environmental policy review and revision. Review of the EMS by the organization’s top management is to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. During this phase the top management should perform the following activities

-Periodically review the EMS system to ensure “continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness”;
-Maintain proper allocation of financial, technical and personnel resources to ensure success of the EMS and
-Maintain a commitment to “continual improvement” of EMS

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